Strategic Competency Partnership.
For a robust future

This strategically structured solution is designed to address the growing need of technology, quality and skill upgradation of existing healthcare facilities, clinics and imaging centres, with a mutual investment partnership. As your strategic partner, Cloudex will help you bridge your centre with the latest technological evolution, superior quality imaging interpretations, subspecialty reporting and second opinion.

This solution offers the best of the two plans. You can also go for the Total Capital Solutions Partnership or Clinical Partnership.

  • More business through more patients
  • Controlled costs and minimal compliance risks
  • Quicker turnaround time in getting image interpretations
  • Access to senior radiologists, with proven competency in subspecialty and second opinion
  • Remain in touch with the latest development in technology and equipment
  • Enhanced efficiency of the system
  • Goodwill, through superior quality of services
  • Evaluation of performance of the incumbent technician is also part of the contract

Cloudex Ventures

Discover a business potential, from our expertise

You can build a robust, growing business success in radiology, leveraging on Cloudex’s over a decade-long industry experience, exposure and leadership. Teaming up with Cloudex Ventures and getting into a win-win partnership equips your radiology business with winning-edge competencies. Cloudex Ventures’ comprehensive solution range is thoughtfully designed to adapt to your organisation’s present and future requirements.

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