Decisive Clinical Partnership.
Smarter possibilities

Are you worried about coping with the fast evolving developments in the realm of radiology? Are you feeling that your facility can be run more profitably and hassle-free with skill, technology, admin and marketing input?

Then come, get into a Clinical Partnership with Cloudex. When you partner with Cloudex, you can accent the efficiency of your system, while drastically cutting operational costs.

  • Enhanced quality of operation through better technologists, superior quality of image interpretation.
  • Increased profitability, through system efficiency.
  • Better access to potential markets, through Cloudex’s marketing support.
  • Resource support.
  • Access to senior radiologists, with proven competency in subspecialty and second opinion.
  • Remain in touch with the latest development in technology and equipment.
  • Goodwill, through superior quality of services.
  • Evaluation of performance of the incumbent technician is also part of the contract.

Cloudex Ventures

Discover a business potential, from our expertise

You can build a robust, growing business success in radiology, leveraging on Cloudex’s over a decade-long industry experience, exposure and leadership. Teaming up with Cloudex Ventures and getting into a win-win partnership equips your radiology business with winning-edge competencies. Cloudex Ventures’ comprehensive solution range is thoughtfully designed to adapt to your organisation’s present and future requirements.

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