Cloudex SE Foundation

Optimise knowledge, Quality, Possibilities.

Radiology is a technology driven field. Constantly evolving with newer imaging equipment, advanced technological platforms, sophisticated intervention and image sensing protocols, Radiology is on a fast forward lane to the future. Hence it is profession-critical to keep an equal pace and be abreast of the latest developments and breakthroughs.

It is here that Cloudex SE Foundation can help you to grow with the evolving technologies and possibilities. Having proven successful track record in all realms of medical imaging, including X-Ray, MRI, CT, Mammography and also being abreast of the evolving technologies, Cloudex is in an ideal position to help those who are planning to enhance their existing skills for better career prospects.

Cloudex SE Foundation is formed with a view to provide continual medical education in Radiology for radiologists, clinicians, medical students, technologists and other healthcare professionals, especially based in India. So that they can unlock their full professional potential by enhancing their skills and clinical decision making capabilities.

The CME initiative of Cloudex involves Fellowships (for practicing radiologists, technologists) and Forums (for medical students), planned as a module which consists of academic and interactive learning. This is a virtual platform for radiologists, clinicians, medical students and technologists, where they can come together, access industry knowledge and recent developments.

Cloudex has established an appraisal system which enables ratings depending on the respective performance criteria, based on educational qualification, expertise and specialization for Technologist (external) Radiologist (internal) and CTCs (internal). Not only that, a system of rewards and opportunities also come as part of this.

The Process
  • Guides participants through a process, in which they’re led to assess the current clinical practices versus the ideal practices, as defined by latest research papers and guidelines
  • Participants are encouraged to self-evaluate their progress, through questionnaires, pre-tests, interactive sessions., so that they can determine the difference the learning process has brought about in their case assessment and clinical decision making capability

What you gain

  • Online and offline learning and development programs
  • Continuous exposure to emerging technologies, equipments, imaging protocols
  • Better operational efficiency
  • Share ideas, topics and issues with senior, experienced radiologists
  • Remain on par with the best in the industry, in terms of expertise, accurate intrepretations and adept clinical decision making
  • Evidence-based, clinically relevant and interactive modules
  • Accented accuracy levels in imaging, interpretation and reading
  • Gain access to recent research outcomes, case studies, latest subspecialty and interpretation methodologies.
  • Identify and bridge the gaps in knowledge, competence, clinical interpretation and decision making
  • Faster career growth potential